Why I Chose Young Living over Every Other Essential Oil Brand


There are a lot of different essential oil brands on the market today. For a while I was confused about which company to pick, or if it even mattered which one I picked. It wasn’t until I did a few months of research that I decided that Young Living is the only essential oil brand I will ever use on myself and on my family. But before go into detail about why I love Young Living, I want to talk about why all of the other essential oil brands didn’t make the cut.

Unfortunately, almost all essential oils being sold today are full of synthetic chemicals and have many of their key ingredients removed. Only one percent of essential oils are completely pure, and the majority of that one percent is being sold by Young Living.


Most people are not aware that their oils are adulterated because there are no strict laws dictating what companies are allowed to put on their labels. For example, when you pick up a bottle at the store and the label says “pure lavender oil” you would naturally assume that the bottle contains only lavender oil….right??

Believe it or not – WRONG! For a company to put the word “pure” on their bottle, the only legal requirement is that their product must contain at least 5% lavender oil. That means 95% of the liquid in your bottle could be who knows what?! And this is just one example of how tricky labeling can be.

After I share all of these facts, there is always at least one person who asks the question, “But does it really matter if the oil is completely pure? I mean isn’t it good enough?



Good question, I used to wonder this too. But the answer is no, it’s not good enough. You can’t buy something at the lowest price and expect the highest quality results. And there are two reasons why it is so important to buy only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils:

Safety and Effectiveness

Safety Most essential oils being sold today are full of synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Essential oils are rich in molecules that help carry oxygen, nutrients, and other substances directly into your cells. However, this means that if an essential oil is adulterated it will also carry those poisons directly into every cell of your body. This creates a safety hazard because not only will the oil not work for its intended use, it will likely cause additional problems. Sometimes when people experience these negative side effects, they conclude that the oil itself is harmful. However, the problem is not the oil, it is the added ingredients.

Because of this, if you are not using pure therapeutic grade essential oils, you would be better off not using essential oils at all! Also keep in mind that if you do not buy oils directly from an oil company (like Young Living), they cannot guarantee their purity. If you purchase oils from any other place, like Amazon or Ebay, you are putting your health at risk. This video shows how easily an oil can be tampered with while still making it appear that the bottle has never been opened.

Effectiveness Like I mentioned before, most essential oils are made up of completely synthetic compounds, or have synthetic compounds added to them.

Dictionary definition of synthetic – pertaining to compounds formed through a chemical process by human agency, as opposed to those of natural origin. (something we would call imitation!)

The process of taking something natural and recreating it in a lab changes the original way God created it. He created it to work perfectly in your body; the synthetic version does not work the same. Even though we live in a highly technological age, we do not yet have advanced enough technology to identify all of the ingredients in essential oils. Scientists call these unknown ingredients ‘constituents’ which means ‘a part of something’. There are many constituents in each individual essential oil – about 80 to 300. Did you know that no scientist has ever been able to identify more than thirty constituents in a single essential oil? That means in every bottle of synthetic oil you buy you are missing from around fifty to two hundred and seventy constituents.


If we don’t even know all the ‘ingredients’ of the oils, but try to recreate them in a lab, it stands to reason that they would be missing essential parts that are needed to achieve the results you want! It would be like a baker trying to recreate a batch of chocolate chip cookies, except he does not know that he needs to add sugar and salt. It just wouldn’t be a chocolate chip cookie anymore….he would be missing the entire point of making them!!

This is why when people try out essential oils, and then don’t get the results they expect, they naturally assume that the oil does not work. However, the problem is not the oil, the problem is that the oil was tampered with.

How is Young Living Different from Synthetic Essential Oils?


Young Living is the oldest, most trusted essential oils company in the world with 20+ years of research and experience. They were the first company to start selling truly pure essential oils. Young Living sells such high quality essential oils that they actually had to create a new name to classify them – 100% genuine therapeutic grade essential oils.  This simply means that if a bottle says it contains only lavender oil, it really means it only contains lavender oil!

How is Young Living Different from other Natural Essential Oil Companies?



There is no other essential oil company that owns all of their own farms, therefore, there is no other essential oil company that can absolutely guarantee that their oils are pure. If an oil company buys plant material from other farms, they cannot guarantee that those plants have not been exposed to pesticides or other agrichemicals. This is important because essential oils are very concentrated plant material. If you are concentrating plant material, you are also concentrating whatever the plant was grown in, like pesticides and herbicides, and these will be absorbed by your skin and enter your bloodstream. When using essential oils, it is important to get the highest quality – your family’s health and safety is worth it!

Young Living is also the only essential oil company that has the Seed to Seal guarantee. This means that they own their own farms and that they are in control of the process of making oils – all the way from planting the seed to sealing and delivering the bottle to your home. They do not use any pesticides (they use their own oils instead as a natural alternative) and they do all weeding by hand. They make sure to distill the plant material properly so that none of the vital constituents are lost. Young Living’s internal labs, and third party labs, complete 8 different tests on every batch of oil that is made, yet because of their high standards only 30% of oils tested are sold.


Over the past few years, I have become so passionate about health and finding natural ways to help promote wellness. That is why I am so glad that I found Young Living – it has been life changing! I chose to purchase oils from them because they are so serious about keeping their oils pure and about helping people. But after I ordered and started experimenting with their uses, I fell in love with essential oils, and I will never go back. They are one of the tools I have used to finally be able to achieve the wellness I have been searching for for years. I have become so excited about oils that we can’t stop telling people about them, because I would love for every person to share in the same experiences I have had!

If you have any questions, I would love for you to contact me! Just leave a comment below!



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