Heal Your Hair by Switching to a Boar Bristle Brush


For a few years I have been trying to heal my very damaged hair. It always felt dry and frizzy and knotted up no matter what I did….and you know you have a problem when pretty much every strand of hair on your head has split ends. Honestly, it was so bad I thought it was beyond repair and I would have to chop most of it off.

I didn’t want to fix the problem by smothering my hair in silicone filled products. So I did a lot of research about how to take care of your hair naturally, so it would actually become soft and shiny, not just fake it.

 I had never thought that my brush could be part of the problem, but when I came across boar bristle brushes, I decided to test it out. I’ve it for about three months now, and I can notice a difference. It’s starting to feel more soft and silky, and it doesn’t look nearly as damaged as it used to.

There are four reasons why I switched over to a boar bristle brush and will never go back:

Its not damaging – The synthetic bristles on most brushes sold today cause breakage and damage hair strands. But the texture of boar hair is so similar to human hair that it won’t cause any damage when brushing.

It cleans hair – Boar bristle brushes will catch any dirt, dandruff, fuzzies, or product buildup and pull them out of your hair – when you try it you will be surprised at how much gunk will build up.

It conditions hair – Your scalp naturally produces an oil called sebum. When using this brush, you are distributing the oil evenly along the hair strands from root to tip, instead of letting it build up on your scalp and appearing “greasy.” Boar bristle brushes eliminate the need for expensive conditioners or hair masks to repair dry and damaged hair. Sebum is the best conditioning treatment you could ever use on your hair because (as always) what God made works the best!

Eliminates need for toxic products: This kind of brush allowed me to stop buying many synthetic hair products, without giving up healthy looking hair. Its one step closer to having an all natural beauty routine!

When buying one its important to look for the words “100% boar bristle brush.” Many boar bristles brushes being sold are part nylon, which is just as rough on your hair as a regular brush. 

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Jennifer Poole

Pretty sure my jaw is on the floor. Why haven’t I ever heard of this?! wow. I need to go brush shopping.