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Even if you’ve never heard of essential oils, you use them every single day!

Around 98% of essential oils being produced today are used in the perfume industry. However, in order to save time and money, these oils are processed in a way that causes them to lose all of their therapeutic benefits.  It seems a little bit silly to be using the oils just for their smell, when you could be using them for their smell and their therapeutic benefits. Seriously, why jip yourself like that? Why not have both?!  

There are three ways to wear essential oils as a perfume:

  1. Directly on your skin
  2. In a diffuser necklace
  3. In a spray


When I apply oils directly to my skin, the scent can last for hours. The scent is definitely strong enough that those around me can smell it, because I get a lot of compliments on my perfume from strangers. It’s always fun sharing that my “perfume” is actually a tool I am using to benefit my health.


You can use essential oils almost anywhere you have skin, but if you want the scent to be obvious to others you can try applying them on your face, neck, chest, or arms every few hours. If you feel like a certain scent is way too strong when smelling directly from the bottle, don’t worry! It often becomes more subtle, and even better smelling after applied to the skin.

Diffuser necklaces are a great option if you’re busy and on the go. Since the oil does not get absorbed by your skin, you don’t have to apply it as often. Compared to putting it directly on your skin, the scent will be much less obvious to the people around you, but it will last a lot longer! Obviously one more bonus for choosing this method is that you have an excuse to wear some pretty jewelry too!


This is my favorite website selling diffuser necklaces, but you can use any brand as long as the necklace is made from materials that won’t be eaten away by the oil. Stainless steel, glass, or clay are great options! 


Most diffuser necklaces are like just like a locket, except instead of hiding a picture inside they hide a cotton pad that holds the essential oil. It is not necessary to change out the cotton pad every time you switch oils. The scent can last for 1-2 days before it starts fading, and then its time for you to pick a new scent! Keep in mind that diffuser necklaces are much more effective if they are touching your skin, because the heat from your body makes the essential oils emit more scent.

The third option is a spray. This is very fun to experiment with, because some oils smell completely different after being mixed with witch hazel (ylang ylang is a great example of this, it smells awful out of the bottle, but smells just like store bought perfume after being diluted.)  This particular spray recipe is very simple. It is meant for individuals like me who want to start going natural, but get too overwhelmed by the complicated recipes that involve top, base and middle notes or using more ingredients than you can count on one hand.


Fill half of your container with distilled water, and the other half with witch hazel, leaving enough room to add essential oils without it overflowing. Then add anywhere from 15-40 drops of the essential oil of your choice, depending on how strong you want the scent to be.

Here is a list of some of the most popular oils being used by women as perfume, and just two of their therapeutic benefits (if I listed them all here it would be way too overwhelming, I encourage you to do some more research!) 


Joy – uplifts mood, eases occasional nervous stress and tension

Jasmine – uplifts mood, supports women and normal menstrual cycles

Lavender eases occasional nervous stress and tension, reduces acne

Geranium – uplifts mood, supports women and normal menstrual cycles

Ylang Ylang – Promotes feelings of confidence, supports circulatory system

White Angelica – Promotes feelings of safety and calmness, supports nervous system

Acceptance – Helps to overcome negative emotions, promotes feelings of security



Lemon uplifts mood, reduces acne and wrinkles

Lime – helps with mental clarity, supports immune system

Orange – uplifts mood, supports digestive system

Grapefruit – eases occasional nervous stress and tension, supports normal detoxification

Citrus Fresh – uplifts mood, helps with concentration

Stress Away eases occasional nervous stress and tension, relieves minor aches and pains



Sandalwood – Eases occasional nervous stress and tension, supports limbic system

Cedarwood – Promotes deep and restful sleep, promotes hair growth (look up “cedarwood hair growth” on google images for before and after pictures, its awesome)

Patchouli – Helps release negative emotions, benefits skin and hair

Grounding – Stabilizes and grounds emotions, supports limbic system

Envision – Helps you stay focused, encourages feelings of peace and confidence

Highest Potential – Eases occasional nervous stress and tension, benefits hair and skin


Orange is definitely my new signature scent, what is your favorite? Let me know if I missed any oils that work great as perfume!  


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