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The best thing about essential oils is how beneficial they are to our bodies. We apply them to our skin every day to support different body systems like immune, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, circulatory….I could go on and on, but basically any part of your body can benefit from the use of essential oils.

I have also used essential oils to make our home free from chemicals that can harm our health. I am on a mission to replace all of my home cleaners and personal care products with safe, natural alternatives that work just as well, if not better, than store bought products. I made this post to show that is very possible to achieve this using ONLY the premium starter kit from Young Living.


If you’re brand new to essential oils, then Young Living’s premium starter kit is the perfect introduction for you! This kit includes such a wide variety of multipurpose oils, so you are completely set when it comes to the basics. But then you’ll fall in love with them, and then you’ll learn about all the other kinds of essential oils and the wonderful things they do, and you’ll want to buy them ALL, and then you’ll become an oil addict like me! 😉 If you want to learn more about essential oil safety and why my family and I only uses Young Living oils, read this article.

There are eleven bottles of oil in the premium starter kit. Click on any of the individual oil photos to be directed to a list of ideas on how to use them!

squarelavender  squarepeppermint  squarepurification squarethieves   squarefrankincense  squarelemon

squarerc  squarepanaway   squarecopaiba


In your starter kit you also receive a diffuser. The diffuser will allow the oils to clean the air, eliminate bad odors, or spread smells that will keep you calm or lift your spirits. There are a couple different kinds of diffusers to choose from when ordering the premium starter kit, but the way you set them up is pretty much the same.


You can add any individual oil or oil combinations to your diffuser, have fun and experiment! All you need is about 2-4 drops of any essential oil. If you need a few ideas to get you started, here are my top favorite combinations for diffusing using only oils from the premium starter kit!


If you have any questions, or need any help at all, I would love to talk to you about essential oils!

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