10 Christmas Traditions for Teens and Adults


When my kids were growing up, we had tons of Christmas traditions. It was easier to come up with them back then, because most of the activities associated with the holiday are centered around children!

We would visit santa, write letters to him, bake him cookies, and even track him online as he made his way around the globe on Christmas Eve. We would read pictures books together about Jesus in the manger. We would make reindeer food and try our best to throw it on the roof so that they can get a treat too. And of course Christmas morning was very different than it is now!

Now that they are all grown up, we can’t do ANY of these things together anymore. I mean we could, but it just wouldn’t be the same!

But we still want to  spend time together, and find activities that are unique to the season! So my daughter made a list of new Christmas traditions that adults an start doing together every year. Follow this link to read the list! 

And if your grown up family has any fun traditions, I would love to hear about them!




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