How to Feel Polished and Put Together Without Makeup


Recently I gave up makeup for a week.

But, this was literally just because I ran out of foundation and didn’t have time to run to the store. During this accidental experiment, I realized that even if I don’t give up wearing makeup completely, I should probably be wearing it less often. Because wow did my skin improve after I gave it a chance to breathe.

This has become my little routine on days when I don’t have anything special going on, but I still want to look polished and put together. It allows me to use less synthetic products, while still feeling feminine and confident!


Coconut Lime Body Butter


This is the yummiest smelling lotion ever. I’m addicted to it. Every time I slather this on it stirs up daydreams of lying on the sand at a tropical beach sipping something fruity from a coconut cup.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that I can make it in just minutes using only two ingredients that were already in my kitchen. The coconut lime scent is perfect for summer, or in the winter when you need the motivation to survive until summer (if you’ve ever lived through a Minnesnowta winter, you understand what I’m talking about.)


How to Use R.C. Essential Oil


R.C. is a blend of Spruce, Cypress, Marjoram, Pine, Lavender, Myrtle, and Eucalyptus

Spruce – supports skin and emotional wellness

Cyprus – supports the circulatory system, and lymphatic system

Marjoram – supports respiratory system, and relieves minor aches and pains

Pine – supports respiratory system, and excretory system

Lavender – supports respiratory system and skin wellness

Myrtle – supports respiratory system, and immune system

Eucalyptus – supports respiratory system, and immune system

When you combine all of these oils you have the blend R.C., which is known for its ability to support the respiratory system and encourage proper nasal function!!

Apply Topically- Rub a couple drops all over your face, neck, and chest to support your respiratory system. You can apply it as often as every 20 minutes if you are feeling especially crummy, but for daily use it only needs to be applied once or twice!
Aromatically – You can inhale the oil directly from the bottle, put it in your diffuser, or place a few drops on some cotton balls to fill the room with the oil. Sometimes I like to swipe a couple drops directly under my nose so I can keep smelling it while on the go!
Homemade Chest Rub – Support your respiratory system in an all natural way with this chest rub! The only two ingredients you need are coconut oil and R.C. essential oil.


How to Use PanAway Essential Oil



Panaway is an original creation from Young Living
and contains a blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint
All of the individual oils in this blend are beneficial to your body!
Wintergreen – helps support healthy muscular and skeletal systems
Helichrysum – helps support healthy muscular and circulatory systems
Clove – helps support healthy muscular and immune systems
Peppermint – supports the circulatory system and relieves minor aches and pains
Combining all of these oils leaves you with the blend called Panaway, which is most commonly used to penetrate the skin to soothe soreness after strenuous activity. But there are a couple different ways to do this, and I have listed them below!


How to Use Purification Essential Oil


Purification Oil is known for
its ability to cleanse and neutralize
disagreeable odors.
This oil is a blend consisting of…
Citronella – relieves minor aches and pains, and supports endocrine system
Lemongrass – supports circulatory system, and urinary system
Lavandin – supports respiratory system and skin
Rosemary – supports immune system, and excretory system
Tea Tree – supports skin wellness, and immune system
Myrtle – supports skin wellness, and respiratory system
When you combine all of these oils you get the blend Purification. It smells like summertime, fresh and citrusy, and it most commonly used to eliminate bad odors! It can be used on anything – your body, your home, your pets…..basically, you’re never gonna have to deal with stinky smells ever again.

How to Use Frankincense Essential Oil



“If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s
good enough for me!” – my dad

In my opinion, Frankincense is the best essential oil out there. If I was limited to picking only one oil to use for the rest of my life, I would choose Frankincense because it works for pretty much everything.

It supports your skin, immune system, nervous system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, and supports healthy cell regeneration. It’s definitely my favorite essential oil, but maybe I’m biased, because I also happen to know someone named Frank who I love a lot.

So what exactly can you use Frankincense essential oil for?


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