DIY Natural Perfume



Even if you’ve never heard of essential oils, you use them every single day!

Around 98% of essential oils being produced today are used in the perfume industry. However, in order to save time and money, these oils are processed in a way that causes them to lose all of their therapeutic benefits.  It seems a little bit silly to be using the oils just for their smell, when you could be using them for their smell and their therapeutic benefits. Seriously, why jip yourself like that? Why not have both?!  

There are three ways to wear essential oils as a perfume: (more…)

Why You Need Lip Scrubs (plus 4 recipes)


I always used to think that lip scrubs sounded a little silly.

They seemed like something you would only use on a rare occasion when you want to pamper yourself, not as a regular addition to your beauty routine. But that was before I realized how many benefits they offered, especially if you are trying to transition into a more natural beauty routine.

  • Lip scrubs eliminate the need to use chapstick or other toxin filled products. This is because they help your lips retain moisture, which leads to the healing and even prevention of chapped or cracked lips.
  • Lip scrubs make your lips look prettier. They remove the dead and flaky skin, which allows the soft, smooth skin hiding underneath to show.
  • Because lip scrubs smooth out your skin, the cosmetics you apply will last longer
  • Lip scrubs bring out your natural lip color, giving you the option of skipping cosmetics completely on days you want to go more natural.

So to sum up, they make lips look better, feel better, help you avoid toxins, and save you a lot of money on beauty products. That’s a win win win win! I’ve been using them regularly for the past few months, and I can see a huge difference in the health and appearance of the skin on my lips!  (more…)

Make it Pink!



One of the best parts about making homemade beauty products is that you can dye them any color you want.

Obviously, the most fun option is to….

Created by RAYZ

Here are five, toxin free ways to achieve this. When experimenting start with just a little bit, and keep adding until you achieve your desired color! (more…)

Garage Soup


Most of my Lupus symptoms are connected to my digestive system. There are quite a few issues I have going on in there, but one of the biggest ones is called leaky gut syndrome. Sounds icky right….its not something I usually proclaim to the whole world that I have, even though it is very common. Basically, if you have any kind of autoimmune disease, then you have leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut simply means that the lining of my intestines aren’t doing a very good job at holding everything in, and some of the substances passing through them LEAK OUT into my bloodstream. AHHHH!!!!


35 Uses for Coconut Oil


The last time I went to the grocery store, I bought three giant tubs of coconut oil. As I was setting them down at the checkout line, the lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked “So….what do you use coconut oil FOR?” She had never heard of it before, and had no clue why I would need so much. I didn’t even know where to begin. I couldn’t even think where to start so I finally replied “Ummm…everything.”

I’m not kidding when I say its good for everything. Calling this stuff versatile would be a huge understatement. When I discover things like this it blows my mind that God could create something so useful for so many different things.


Epsom Salt Detox Bath


I try my best to rid our world of toxins, but sometimes coming into contact with harmful substances is unavoidable. They’re practically everywhere, in our food, in our water, even in the air we breathe. I mean I HAVE to breathe!!! At some point we have to give our health to God and go outside and be a part of the world.
This is why detox baths have become one of my favorite things to do for my family’s health, because they help your body eliminate toxins after you have come into contact with them. While we can’t avoid coming into contact with all toxins, we can reduce unnecessary exposure and help our body to eliminate them more efficiently.


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