Natural Wart Removal


I’ve been suspecting for awhile now that I would be getting engaged soon.

I knew that it could happen at any moment, so I needed my hand to be “ready” at all times. Unfortunately, over the past month I developed a massive wart on my hand (why did it have to be on the LEFT one?!)

I know that my guy loves me (warts and all) but I figured it would be much more fun showing off my new ring without it. I tried multiple natural wart removal techniques, but they were either completely ineffective or just taking way too long (again, time was of the essence.)

So when I came across the apple cider vinegar method, I was super impressed. Because it’s acidic, apple cider vinegar attacks the flesh of the wart and kills it from the roots. It only took about a week, it was painless, and it didn’t leave behind a scar.

What you need:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Oil (coconut, olive oil, etc)
  • Cotton balls
  • Band-aids

What to do:

  1. Apply a small amount of oil to the skin around your wart. The first time I tried it I skipped this step…definitely not a good idea! If you don’t protect the skin around your wart you will end up with multiple little cuts. Coconut oil was the perfect solution and kept my skin looking and feeling amazing for the remainder of the week!
  2. Rip off a small piece of the cotton ball and splash a little apple cider vinegar onto it.
  3. Place the cotton ball on your wart and secure with a band-aid
  4. I preferred to use this treatment right before I went to sleep, and I repeated it every night until the wart was gone! Letting my skin breathe during the day seemed to make it work even better. Eventually the wart should turn black and then flake off on its own!

By the way, I was totally right about getting proposed to!


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Jennifer Poole

i love this!!! i wish I had known this a few years ago!


Difference in photos apart from the wart. Doesn’t look like same hand. Photo shopped?


Definitely not Photoshopped. I’m the guy she got engaged to and that wart is nowhere to be seen! It’s really quite remarkable how little of a trace is left.


The color saturation in the picture is different but the anatomy of both hands are the exact same. It’s ok to be skeptical but at least be a good a detective 🙂


Lo usare


I’ve had a wart on my finger for over two years. Freezing it off hasn’t worked and neither have natural remedies to this point. I am certainly going to try your method! It may take longer to work as I’ve had this
wart a long time. 🙂

Kathy jo
Day 2 for me, inside is turning black but when I use the bandaids with the cotton ball of apple cider vinegar I feel it burning through my skin. Maybe people respond differently, I can handle pain and 3 years with this wart and this is the only thing that’s working so far. I’ve tried freezing and doctors have tried their methods. Wish I would of known sooner but like I said, this is working when the doctors tried everything and nothing has worked. Idk if it’s normal to have pain but I’d rather have 7 days of pain than… Read more »

I started this last night…. I have the same wart but on top of my foot and it’s been around since this past summer. Its SO annoying. I have tried to freeze it off, the stick (wax) and my doctor suggested putting Vitamin A on it. I really hope this method works!


Update: It finally flaked off completely and now its gone, just debating on how to treat the post wart wound ! I think I am going to attempt to put Bacitracin Zinc ointment to stop the bleeding… I just hope the wart doesn’t regrow again.


So you leave it on all night while you sleep?