Natural Wart Removal




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Sometimes, old remedies passed down by your elders really do work the best.


My daughter recently found an old (and non-toxic) solution to getting rid of warts (which I will link below.) And it reminded me of a piece of advice my dad always gave me when I was little. He would tell me to “take a dirty dishrag, and rub it on the wart. Then bury the dishrag in the backyard.” If you follow these directions exactly, the wart will fall right off!

I was never quite sure if he was joking or not….. 😉 (more…)

Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products



All women have to use menstrual hygiene products.

However, we don’t have to be exposed to toxic chemicals in the process.

I did not learn until recently that conventional feminine care products are filled with pesticides, bleach, and harmful plastics, among other things. And since our skin is permeable, these materials are being absorbed directly into our bloodstreams and being distributed throughout our bodies. I found this article very helpful when researching, because it goes in depth into the ingredients used to make pads and tampons, and why they affect our health. (more…)

How to Love Someone With a Chronic Illness


I have Lupus, and I have been dealing with the symptoms for about five years now (although my goal is to be in remission someday.) Because I have a chronic illness myself, I have a lot of experience when it comes to the emotional needs of those who are sick. For years I have watched how people have interacted with me, and I’ve been amused by just how many miscommunication problems can arise from diseases.

I want to make it clear that this post isn’t a list of complaints, or a demand that everyone become educated so that those living with chronic illnesses never have to feel offended. I believe it goes both ways, that those of us who are sick need to be just as kind and patient when it comes to understanding the feelings of others.

This post is just for anyone who wants to show love to someone going through a health crisis, but doesn’t know exactly how to go about it. There are probably a lot things going on inside your loved one’s mind that you are having trouble understanding, so I hope this advice is helpful for you! (more…)

Grain Free, Nut Free “Peanut Butter” Cookies




Peanut butter cookies always make me feel nostalgic, because my mom would bake them for us all the time when I was in kindergarten. She was good at turning snacks into a fun event, so we often had peanut butter cookie picnics on the back porch using our plastic, neon orange toddler-sized table. Or sometimes if the weather was bad, we would spread out a quilt in the living room and gather all of our guests (stuffed animals) for a tea (water) and cookies party.


Homemade Hairspray – 2 Ingredients



I can’t use most hairspray brands without hacking up a lung.


Even the brands that my body sort of tolerates make me feel foggy headed. After taking a closer look at the common ingredients used to make hairspray, I knew that something had to change. So a few months ago, I stopped using it completely (I figured limp hair is better than a toxin-filled body.) It hadn’t even occurred to me that I could make hairspray at home, it just didn’t seem possible. (more…)

DIY Natural Perfume



Even if you’ve never heard of essential oils, you use them every single day!

Around 98% of essential oils being produced today are used in the perfume industry. However, in order to save time and money, these oils are processed in a way that causes them to lose all of their therapeutic benefits.  It seems a little bit silly to be using the oils just for their smell, when you could be using them for their smell and their therapeutic benefits. Seriously, why jip yourself like that? Why not have both?!  

There are three ways to wear essential oils as a perfume: (more…)

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