Two Ingredient Natural Deodorant


Right around the time we hit middle school, we are all told that we have to use deodorant.

I still remember the day in fifth grade when they dedicated an entire class period to this subject. They sat us down, handed out a little tube of deodorant to each kid, and taught us that from now on we must use it every single day. And if you choose not use it, then you have bad hygiene. And ten year old me did NOT want to have bad hygiene right as I was entering into middle school. So I started slathering this mystery substance onto my underarms every morning, and continued to do so for years.

I used it for an entire decade before I even thought to look at the ingredients list. And when I did I was not sure anymore if the pros outweighed the cons

Pros of using synthetic deodorant:

  • You smell nice!

Con’s of using synthetic deodorant: 

  • It prevents the excretory system from purging toxins, and those toxins stay trapped inside your body, causing damage.
  • It is filled with aluminum, parabens, toxic synthetic fragrances and chemicals
  • These substances may contribute to cognitive impairment, poor breast health, hormonal issues, and stress on the body’s skin while irritating the skin and central nervous system

Looking back, I can see now that using store bought deodorant couldn’t have been good for me. A 90 pound, mostly sedentary girl should not be sweating so much that they need “clinical strength” deodorant. I can’t believe I’m sharing this on the internet, but I used to be so sweaty that my sweat stains sometimes reached all the way down to my hips. Obviously, something was wrong. But ever since I switched over to my homemade recipe I sweat a normal, healthy amount. It’s like something got balanced out in my body.


That’s why I’m so excited about this recipe, and I hope you think about trying it out too! It only require two ingredients: coconut oil and baking soda!



3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
3 tablespoons Baking Soda
(Optional) 5-10 drops essential oil


Combine coconut oil and baking soda in in a small bowl. Add in essential oils and mix together well. Transfer into a jar and keep in a cool dark place. Apply a dime sized amount under each arm every day. I usually shave right before applying this and have no skin sensitivity issues whatsoever, but if you want to avoid the possibility completely you can shave at night or use an electric razor. 

I chose to add the essential oil blend Purification from Young Living because it is known for cleansing and neutralizing disagreeable odors, but also because it supports the excretory system. However, you can choose any oil or combination of oils that you want, have fun and experiment! If you don’t want to add any essential oils, the deodorant will still smell really good because of the coconut oil!

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